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Ana Atanassova Portrait

Dr. Ana Atanassova has been working in regulatory and policy issues for new plant breeding technologies for over a decade, using her scientific knowledge and regulatory expertise to promote science-based policies for biotechnological applications.

In her current position as Global Regulatory Policy Manager for BASF Agricultural Solutions, Ana follows the development of biotechnology regulations globally and has built a detailed understanding of how different countries approach innovation and adjust their policies to the evolving technological landscape. She currently chairs the risk assessment and risk management work group of CropLife International’s Global Industry Coalition, representing the plant science industry with regard to the UN Convention of Biological Diversity and its protocols. Since 2019 she has regularly contributed to industry positions and input towards the development of the UN Post 2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.

Ana studied agricultural engineering, further specialising in molecular biology, and has previously worked in academia as well as industry. Biotechnology has always been a part of her research work, e.g., as a tool to elucidate gene function or as an application in the development of products from therapeutic antibodies to genetically modified plants with improved resistance to environmental changes.