Edinburgh Castle by Jörg Angeli

The objective of Re-Imagine Europa is to reinforce Europe’s role as a global leader in the areas of democratic practice, fiscal responsibility, and environmental sustainability in order to safeguard a prosperous future of peace, freedom, and social justice for all  citizens.


As the world changes quickly, our institutions need to develop and adapt rapidly to ensure the strengthening of the fabric of the European economy and society. Everyday frustrations and increased polarisation are eroding citizens’ trust and are making it increasingly difficult to find a positive shared pathway forward. Rebuilding this trust will be an essential part of reimagining Europe. By aiming to develop and promote a shared and accepted vision of Europe that pragmatically responds to fears and concerns that Europeans today feel, RIE wants to give the project of ‘Europa’ back to its citizens.



Getting trusted scientific evidence has become paramount for politicians and the general public in an ever more complex and interconnected world. We hold that decisions concerning the future of citizens should be taken with the support of the best information available by placing evidence from research at the heart of policy development and implementation.


Long-term oriented

Since the most useful and long-lasting results are not obtained through quick adjustments, Re-Imagine Europa will take a long-term perspective, starting from determining the broad direction of where Europe should be in 10-20 years, and then looking at what concrete measures and structures need to be put in place to achieve that.



We believe in the strength of collective intelligence and the need to listen to all opinions and points of view. Debates often take only majority positions into consideration. As our starting point, we try to map all of the various perspectives on a given issue to build solutions that are which work for everyone involved.



The experience of President V. Giscard d’Estaing and Chancellor H. Schmidt epitomises the environment of friendship, trust, and cooperation that RIE pursues when building a new vision.



Most issues can be tackled from different angles, depending on your perspective. An interdisciplinary approach is at the heart of the work of Re-Imagine Europa to ensure that diverse perspectives and views are taken into account, not only at the beginning, but throughout any process