Building on the legacy left by pioneers of the European project, we emphasize giving  ‘Europa’  back to citizens by working with stakeholders from across civil society, national governments and the European institutions.

Breaking the mould of a traditional think-tank, RIE strives to incubate innovative ideas by

  • Fostering an inclusive and constructive environment in its capacity as convenor. We bring together people from across Europe and beyond, representing different cultural, socioeconomic, and political perspectives, aiming to debate and engage with the latest scientific and technological developments and their implications for our future.
  • Taking a focused but yet systemic, long-term and non-partisan approach in its capacity as catalyst. Keenly aware of bias-related effects, including motivated reasoning, conformity pressure, groupthink, and the barrier they pose to collective intelligence, we structure engagement with our members and partners to bring about the wisdom of the crowd
  • Transcending the biases that hamper evidence-informed decision-making in its capacity as communicator. A key feature of effective communication is a sensitivity to how certain words are perceived by different stakeholders. Using a narrative approach, we analyse the terminology used to frame contentious topics, in order to posit them along more inclusive lines.