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Elisabeth Ardaillon-Poirier Portrait

Principal Adviser and Team Leader (Outreach & Communications) of the European Political Strategy Centre of the European Commission in Brussels (2015-2018). Previously Senior Vice President of Publicis Groupe, Global Corporate Communications and Social Responsibility, Member of the Publicis Strategic Leadership Team (SLT)(2013-2015). Adviser to the Executive Board of the European Central Bank, after being the ECB’s Director of Communications (Area Head) for over nine years and Chairperson of the External Communications Committee of the network of the 27 central banks in the European System of Central Banks and the 17 central banks of the EuroZone (2003-2012). Prior to that, she was notably Special Adviser (Press and Parliament) to the private office of Minister Jean-François Deniau (1978-1981), then Director of Development with the Bernard Krief Consulting Group (1981-1983), Head of Corporate Communications of Saint-Gobain Groupe (1983-1986), then of Hachette Multimedia Group (1986-1993), with special emphasis on international operations. She subsequently became the first Managing Director of the Hachette Foundation (1989-1993), which was later renamed Fondation Jean-Luc Lagardère. When the Economic and Monetary Union came into force, she was appointed Director of Communications of the Banque de France (1994-2003) and then member of the ECB’s External Communications Committee (1998-2003).

Elisabeth Ardaillon-Poirier is graduate from the Centre d’Etudes Littéraires et Scientifiques Appliquées-CELSA (Advanced School of Information and Communication Sciences), and holds a Master’s degree in Arts and English from the Sorbonne. Her awards include France’s Officier de la Légion d’Honneur and Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite.