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Felice Simonelli Portrait

Felice Simonelli is a Senior Research Fellow and Head of Policy Evaluation at CEPS. Expert in better regulation, analysis of public policies and business competitiveness with over ten years of professional experience, Felice provided research and advisory services to various public institutions, trade associations, and private companies. He completed many research projects in the field of impact assessment, policy evaluation and competitiveness analysis for EU institutions. With regard to innovation policy he co-authored the CEPS report on ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ in 2017 and the DG RTD study supporting the interim evaluation of the Innovation Principle in 2019.  He has extensive experience in data collection and analysis across EU countries, including conducting interviews and surveys and planning stakeholder consultations on behalf of the European Commission. He holds a Ph.D. in Law and Economics from LUISS University and published several papers on refereed journals.