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Janusz Wojciechowski Portrait

Commissioner Wojciechowski’s responsibilities include supporting negotiations on the future of the CAP, developing a long-term vision for rural areas and developing an action plan for organic farming.

Commissioner Wojciechowski grew up on farm in rural Rawa Mazowiecka, Łódzkie region in central Poland. He had started his professional career as a judge at different levels up to being a judge of the Supreme Court of Poland. Then he held very significant post of the President of the Supreme Audit Office of Poland (1995-2001).

From 2001 Commissioner Wojciechowski represented Łódzkie constituency as a Member and also Vice-marshal of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland – Sejm (2001-2004) and from June 2004 till May 2016 as a Member of the European Parliament of 3 terms. As MEP he was Member of the European Parliament’s Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals in the European Parliament since his 1st term in 2004; since 2014 till 2016 its President.

From May 2016 to November 2019 he was the Member of the European Court of Auditors, representing Poland.