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Martin Kamp Portrait

Martin Kamp has been Secretary-General of the EPP Group in the European Parliament since 2007. He was appointed under the former Group Chairman Joseph Daul and is currently serving under Group Chairman Manfred Weber. As the Group’s most senior official, he is responsible to the Group Chairman and accountable to the Group Presidency. Martin Kamp also served under the authority of Group Chairmen Klepsch, Tindemans, Martens and Pöttering.

A European Parliament political group administrator since 1989, Martin Kamp worked as an adviser in charge of the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Consumer Protection. From 1999 onwards, he focused on institutional affairs and legal policy as a Head of Unit. He became Deputy Secretary-General and Director for Parliamentary Work in 2004. He was also an adviser to Chairman Pöttering on the European Convention and later a member of the European Parliament negotiating team for the 2003-2004 Intergovernmental Conference.

Martin Kamp, born in 1959 in Bad Nauheim (Germany) and married with two children, studied Law, Anthropology and Political Science at the Universities of Marburg, Frankfurt and Strasbourg and passed the bar exam in Germany. Prior to joining the European Parliament, he worked as a researcher at the University of Frankfurt and went on to be a legal adviser in the German Ministry of the Interior.