Why europe

Prof. Dr. Gleba has over 40 years of research and management experience in plant genetics and biotechnology.  

Dr. Gleba’s pioneering research in plant genetics, physiology and biotechnology was published in more than 220 research papers, books and over 50 patent families, and has earned respect of the international scientific community as evidenced by his election to World Academy of Arts and Science, Academia Europaea, German National Academy Leopoldina, National Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Lithuanian Academy of Science and Bavarian Academy of Sciences. Yuri also received numerous international and national awards and prizes, including Koerber Prize (Germany), A. von Humboldt Prize (Germany), USSR State Prize (USSR), State Prize of Ukraine (Ukraine), etc.  

He founded the Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine, in 1989, and was serving as its director until 2010.  

Dr. Gleba left former USSR in 1991 and joined American Cyanamid Co., Princeton, NJ, where he developed research efforts in plant biotechnology and genomics as Director of Crop Engineering Department. Dr. Gleba left American Cyanamid in 1999 and founded Icon Genetics, Princeton/Munich/Halle, a plant biotechnology company group; he has been serving since its inception until 2015 as its CEO. Under his leadership, Icon has developed multiple plant expression technologies that have been used to support clinical trials of the product candidates developed by several companies. Icon has created one of the best IP portfolios in plant biotechnology that currently includes over 450 issued patents representing 42 patent families. He also founded/cofounded four other companies, including Nomad Bioscience GmbH, Germany, Nomads UAB, Lithuania, Nambawan Biotech GmbH, Germany and Nambawan Spain SLU. In January 2012, Dr. Gleba engineered the acquisition of Icon Genetics from Bayer by Nomad Bioscience, and in August 2015, the sale of Icon Genetics to Denka, Japan. Since 2015, he is CEO of Nomad Bioscience, Munich, Germany. During 2016-22, Nomad has secured ten GRAS registrations for its food additives in USA.