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Democracy in a Digital Society – Conference Report is Available Now!

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The report of the full day conference “Democracy in a Digital Society”, which was held in Berlin on 24 January 2019, is now available. The report is structured as a roadmap of the steps that are considered necessary to adapt democracy to the challenges that have been put on the table by the digital revolution. Discussions built on the work developed by the ALLEA Working Group “Truth, Trust and Expertise” and acted as the starting point for Re-Imagine Europa’s task force on “Democracy in a Digital Society”, so there will soon be more news on this topic.

For the moment, here is the final version of the report:

Democracy in a Digital Society – Full Report 


Photo of the Professor Manuel Castells

“The battle for a renewed democracy can only be won at the institutional, cultural and digital level. If we do not change democracy, we cannot save democracy.”

Manuel Castells