Globalisation and digitalisation have irreversibly changed our world. Inequality, social fragmentation and polarisation are widespread in our society, fed by anger and distrust towards all institutions. In a world that spirals out of control, we need to “find a vaccine against anger” (Professor Antonio Damasio) and revert the cycle of distrust that dominates the social and political spheres 

Yet, beneath these unconstructive and divisive emotions, there is a will to re-imagine: citizens urge for a better society in which voices are heard, and problems are answered with concrete actions. Engaging local communities in meaningful debates about their future is key to re-establishing trust and safeguarding those values and institutions most cherished by Europeans. 

Future4Citizens (#F4C) is a European initiative to foster deliberation and democratic participation in Europe through a community-based approach. Rooted in Re-Imagine Europa’s Narrative approachListen, Reframe, Act the Future4Citizens project will host a series of Citizen Dialogues across Europe, to reimagine with local citizens alternative scenarios and solutions for our common future.   

In close collaboration with strategic partners across Europe, we strive to be an active voice to build bridges in the public debate and reinsure the strength in diversity that defines the European project. To do so, it is fundamental to go beyond national, party and sectorial interests and put citizens at the centre of a new European project.   

The project is supported by The Former Member Association of the European Parliament and the European Youth Forum, and is part of the Horizon Europe project ‘Augmenting participation, co-creation, trust, and transparency in Deliberative Democracy at all scales (ORBIS), led by the Politecnico di Milano.  

The Future4Citizens programme addresses the lack of dialogue between citizenship and policymaking institutions, by providing sound solutions to enable the transition to a more inclusive, transparent and trustful Deliberative Democracy in Europe. 

The final outcomes of the Citizen Dialogues will be compiled in a policy report, that will be shared with key national and European policy actors to help building the priorities of the political agenda for the upcoming months and years. 


The first F4C Dialogues was organised on October 19th in Barcelona, in collaboration with with La Caixa Foundation and the Spanish Committee of the European League for Economic Cooperation, and under the framework of European Capital of Democracy.   


Let’s build our future together! 

Discover and experience a new method to collectively debate on the future we want, focussing on common objectives and moving away from polarised and extreme positions. By facilitating listening and addressing problems at their roots, Future4Citizens celebrates diversity of voices going beyond traditional narratives and building together innovative solutions.

Does this sound interesting?