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The “Centre de Compétences Dusan Sidjanski en Études Européennes” (CCDSEE) was created by the University of Geneva, within the Global Studies Institute, in October 2016. It benefits from the vast personal network of Professor Dusan Sidjanski, founder of the University’s Department of Political Science in 1969, co-founder (with Denis de Rougemont and Henri Schwamm) of the Institute for European Studies (1963), and former Special Advisor to the President of the European Commission (2004-2014).

The Centre aims to promote and develop cutting-edge research and teaching in European studies, more specifically in the following areas: reform and development of the European Union and the Eurozone in the face of globalisation, financing the green transition, digital technologies’ impact on democracy, intercultural dialogue, regional integration, the federal vocation of the European Union and the Union’s relations with Switzerland. To this end, it recruits postgraduate and postdoctoral teaching and research fellows, draws on the expertise of a team of research affiliates and visiting professors, and organises partnership programmes with other research institutes and think tanks engaged in European studies. The Centre regularly organises keynote talks by European politicians and academics and senior EU officials as well as symposia, the proceedings of which form part of the Centre’s collection of publications.