La Caixa Foundation Logo

“la Caixa” Foundation was created over a century ago in Barcelona. Today the organisation is Spain’s foremost private foundation and one of the leading foundations in the world. An invisible thread connects the origins of “la Caixa” at the beginning of the 20th century with today’s organization: its commitment to society; the same commitment that led to its creation continues to be its most intrinsic feature.

Its priority is to respond to the most pressing social challenges, such as the fight against poverty and exclusion, the promotion of employment, care for people with advanced diseases and the complete involvement of the elderly in society. Maintaining excellence in culture and support for medical research are two other major objectives.

“la Caixa” Foundation supports and promotes programs that transform lives, paying particular attention to those aimed at children and creating jobs, furthering medical research and spreading knowledge and culture.

In 2020, it has kept its budget at around 500 million euros to be able to respond to society’s current needs and create opportunities that improve the quality of life of those most in need wherever they are, providing aid for social organizations and encouraging volunteering. Last year, it promoted almost 51,000 social initiatives which have benefitted over 11 million people.