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Overview of the Reports on Sustainable Agriculture and Innovation

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Overview of the Reports on Sustainable Agriculture and Innovation

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With the Green Deal at the centre of European policy priorities, significant focus has been placed on rethinking our food systems, bearing in mind the inextricable links between healthy people, a healthy society and a healthy planet. However, as the current negotiations on reforming the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) have shown, agriculture remains a contentious issue.

A systemic shift in thinking is required for Europe to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. Re-Imagine Europa decided to launch a Task Force on Sustainable Agriculture and Innovation to create a forum for real dialogue between different viewpoints on the topic. The implications for society of many new technologies are still to be fully understood and a deeper conversation is needed as to how they might support the Green Deal Goals.

The complexity of the debate, the speed at which new technologies and scientific evidence are developing, and the legacy of an emotionally charged public discourse from the 1990’s will all add to the challenge. In particular, the aim is to better understand the emotions and values behind different perspectives and to see if, with ambitious climate goals as a clear priority, it is possible to find positive pathways forward.