Re-Imagine Europa works with members and partners to deliver world-class interdisciplinary and intersectoral research, the facilitation of dialogue and engagement with national and international political processes.

Re-Imagine Europa works on the principles of evidence-based policymaking, inclusive and collaborative approaches, operating at an interdisciplinary and intersectoral level to build shared narratives and new ideas on topics of strategic importance. Our organisation is nonpartisan and founded in honour of the friendship and partnership between President Giscard d’Estaing and Chancellor Helmut Schmidt and their efforts to define a future that went beyond personal, national or partisan interests.

Re-Imagine Europa’s methodology centres on developing a task force for each of the three strategic challenges and engaging an expert committee of roughly a hundred experts from academia, think tanks, industry, NGOs, CSOs, and other stakeholders.

At the same time that RIE works with leading experts and stakeholders in developing new and innovative shared proposals, it aims to engage people in building shared visions. An increasingly influential stream of research demonstrates the integration of cognition and emotion in political decision-making, indicating the importance of narratives in building shared visions. Therefore, a key pillar of the work of Re-Imagine Europa is focused on developing stories and images that can engage people and posit old problems in a new light.

Activities include research, high-level expert roundtables, conference, advocacy, engagement campaigns and publications.

Find out more about our work by exploring our focus areas and Task Forces.