Our Principles

The objective of Re-Imagine Europa is to reinforce Europe’s role as a global economic power in the 21st Century able to safeguard a prosperous future of peace, freedom and social justice for all its citizens. Re-Imagine Europa is a non-partisan organisation that aims to bring together different perspectives and expertise to develop better and new solutions based on evidence. Our work is based on the following principles:

As the world changes quickly, our institutions need to develop and adapt rapidly to ensure the strengthening of the fabric of the European economy and society. Re-Imagine Europa focusses on these issues to ensure that Europe remains a leading institution of the 21st Century that can promote and protect the values of European citizens.

In a world that is ever more complex and interconnected, getting trusted scientific evidence has become paramount for politicians and the general public. We hold that decisions concerning the future of citizens should be taken with the support of the best information available by placing evidence from research at the heart of policy development and implementation.

Long-term perspective
Since the most useful and long-lasting results are not obtained through quick adjustments, Re-Imagine Europa will take a long-term perspective, starting from determining the broad direction of where Europe should be in 10-20 years time and then looking at what concrete measures and structures need to be put in place to achieve that.

We believe in the strength of collective intelligence and the need to listen to all the relevant opinions and points of view. In our experience, assimilating the demands that cross different perspectives constitutes an essential starting point if the solution has to be shared, wide-ranging and thus more effective.

Collaborative approach
The experience of President V. Giscard d’Estaing and Chancellor H. Schmidt demonstrates the importance of friendship, trust and cooperation when building a new vision. Always cooperating on the basis of trust and recurrent collaborations, RIE is able to build solid, productive and pragmatic working relationships with its partners.

Interdisciplinary approach
Most issues can be tackled from different angles depending on which perspective you choose to start from. That is why an interdisciplinary approach is at the heart of the work of Re-Imagine Europa, to ensure that these different perspectives and views are taken into account at the beginning of any process.

To overcome the challenges that we face today, we need to join forces and trust each other and our policymakers. Yet, everyday frustrations and increased polarisation are eroding this trust and making it more and more difficult to find a positive shared pathway forward. Rebuilding this trust will be an essential part of reimagining Europe.

Shared Vision

By aiming to develop and promote a shared and accepted vision of Europe that pragmatically responds to fears and concerns that Europeans today feel, RIE wants to give the project of ‘Europa’ back to its citizens and work together with multiple stakeholders, such as civil society national governments, as well as the European Institutions, to create an understanding for the need of a stronger Europe.

Re-Imagine Europa is supported by leading foundations, including La Caixa Foundation, Fondazione Cariplo, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as funded projects of the European Commission.