Autumn leaves with a multitude of cold and warm colors

Re-Imagine Europa was founded to respond to important challenges facing Europe. Our objective is to act as a catalyst for change by bringing together citizens, groups, and organisations across Europe to jointly find solutions to our most pressing challenges.

We recognise that multidimensional crises of the past decade (and more) have underlined deep flaws in our economic and social models. These flaws are exacerbating inequalities and frustrations in society resulting in protest movements across the world and the rise of alternative political forces based on rejection of “the other”.

We agree that there is a need for change, and we understand the disappointment and anger felt by many citizens in Europe and beyond. If we are to avoid a resurgence of political and social movements based on fear and hatred, we must provide a clear alternative founded on unity through diversity.

History has shown us that many of our most brilliant solutions are forged in times of crisis. We need a change that is orientated towards the future, based on a shared trajectory, common values, and an European identity.

The starting point for this work is the recognition that the current systemic challenges have not been created “on purpose” but are the result of a paradigm shift brought about by the arrival of new technologies.

In our Blueprint for Change, we outline an analysis of the trends that have created the current situation, why the new narratives currently offered to solve the challenges are insufficient, and propose an alternative to reimagine Europe by focussing on what we share and how we want our future to look based on common values. Europe is well positioned to be part of the solution to the challenges associated with a globalised, highly mobile and digital world. A dynamic economic system based on strong social security and a levelling-up between members is widely seen as one of the resounding achievements of post-war Europe. With the advent of new technologies, it is more important than ever that these principles be reinforced and the manner in which they are realised rethought for the 21st century.

We do not pretend to have ready-made solutions for all these problems. What we do know is that we will definitely not find any solutions if we focus our energy on blaming others. Let’s stop employing arguments that narrow or shut down the possibility for action at a time when we need it most. Let’s start imagining a shared project. Together we can make a difference.