‘Beyond Talk: Action Steps for Deliberative Democracy in Europe’

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Start date: 28/05/2024
End date: 28/05/2024
Where: Remote

Re-Imagine Deliberative Democracy Workshop Series – Part III  

13:30 – 16:00 CET   


The final session of our Workshop series Re-Imagine Deliberative Democracy titled ‘Beyond Talk: Action Steps for Europe’s Future will provide a unique opportunity to translate insights and perspectives gained throughout the previous sessions into actionable recommendations for policymakers of the next EU mandate.  

Using a backcasting methodological approach, participants will be actively involved in a structured 2-hour working session. Drawing on insights and perspectives gained in the previous sessions, our distinguished guests will explore innovative and transformative ideas to shape policies and strategies that will drive structural transformation in the European landscape. 

This session will provide a creative platform for meaningful collaboration for experts and policymakers to strategically plan for the future and identify key milestones and interventions necessary to realize the shared vision for Europe’s democracy. 

The outcomes of this session will be consolidated into a comprehensive report, which will be presented to relevant stakeholders for their endorsement. Serving as a manifesto, this document will passionately advocate for the adoption and implementation of the recommendations addressing the renewed EU mandate. The results of the workshop series will be ultimately integrated into the ongoing ORBIS research, envisioning the future of Deliberative Democracy at scale.   

As Vice-President Šuica stated, ”We also need to ensure that citizens are engaged in the time between elections”.

With the new EU mandate, it is crucial to ensure that citizens’ ideas play an integral role in the policymaking process.    


Read the Report of the previous sessions: Re-Imagine DELIBERATIVE DEMOCRACY | REPORT |

If you are interested in participating, you can write to Caterina Berardi mentioning your name, surname and affiliation, and we will try to accommodate your request.


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