Manuel Castells delivering a speech in RIE Forum 2022

Is there Hope? Polarisation and the Crisis of Democracy: Causes and Possible Solutions

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Start date: 21/05/2024
End date: 21/05/2024
Where: CaixaForum Macaya, Barcelona

On May 21st, 2024, the Social Observatory of La Caixa, Re-Imagine Europa, and the European League for Economic Cooperation (LECE) will hold the special conference “Is there Hope? Polarisation and the Crisis of Democracy: Causes and Possible Solutions” (“¿Hay esperanza? Polarización y crisis de la democracia: causas y posibles soluciones”), hosted by Professor Manuel Castells, who will address the current situation of modern democracies and the effects of increasing social and political polarisation, as well as identify possible solutions.

You can consult the event’s programme (in Spanish) here.

In an increasingly polarised, fragmented, and conflictive world, Europe’s political landscape is characterised by fragile majorities, minority governments or unstable coalitions. An environment that makes it difficult to find innovative and practical solutions to the problems facing citizens in the 21st century. In a scenario marked by a global decline in trust and a steady rise in feelings of fear, anger, and nostalgia, Professor Castells will address a critical question: “How can we build bridges that reduce the political and social divide in Europe, so that we can build a more resilient and inclusive democracy?”

Based on the results of the ‘Future4Citizens Dialogues’ and the ‘Cycle of Distrust’ developed by Re-Imagine Europa, and organised during the Spanish Presidency of the EU at CaixaForum Macaya, the event will see Manuel Castells analyse the changing dynamics of power at present, the role of communication in democratic processes and how to empower citizens so that they can actively participate in creating the future they imagine.

The in-person event will be held in Spanish.

If you are interested in joining in Barcelona, you can register on this page.



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