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Conference on Artificial intelligence: the European approach for citizens’ wellbeing

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Start date: 19/11/2019
End date: 19/11/2019
Where: European Parliament

The “Conference on Artificial Intelligence: the European approach for citizens’ wellbeing” will be held at the European Parliament in Brussels on the 19th of November, 2019. Organized by the Italian National Council for Research (CNR, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) with the aim of raising awareness of the growing impact of artificial intelligence on society, the conference was chaired by our CEO Erika Widegren.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already a reality and it is expected to largely impact on economy, social behavior and, eventually, political equilibrium. In this context, many actors are asked to address regulatory and ethical issues, assure robust quality assurance process and deliver real business value. No country can act in isolation or lead this process, as well as no single industry should control the technologies or dominate the market.

European Union is the best candidate to provide the requested critical mass, guarantee the transparency of the process and the respect of the ethical values. Indeed, the European scientific and industrial excellence can drive a fair competitiveness at global level. Science, industry and policy have the joint responsibility to make this happen, throughout an integrated ecosystem where funds, instruments, rules ad measures should be coherent and effective.

In this regard, the European Union has already proved to be able to launch and manage ambitious initiatives where scientific results, industrial capabilities and public authorities have been involved in an efficient governance of this complex system.

To do so, and to provide socio-economic benefits for European citizens, it is mandatory to increase the competitiveness of Europe and contribute to establish an ethical framework where Europe act as a key player in research, policy and deployment of advanced products.

In the process towards the launch of Horizon Europe and the activities of the new European Parliament, a reflection among Institutions and Research Organizations on the future research developments in support to policy, in particular addressing Artificial Intelligence, is urgently needed.

The event aims at debating on the relevance of Artificial Intelligence in the global scenario, in particular addressing the role of Europe and of Science & Technology in fulfilling the societal needs mitigating the risks, which possibly arise from a new way to intend the links between economy and social values. Speakers and panelists will be invited to discuss different visions, roles and impacts. In particular, the debate will address the role of EU institutions, Member States, industry, research and civil society in shaping the future.

More information and agenda here.


Portrait of Erika Widegren
Erika Widegren
Re-Imagine Europa CEO
Dino Pedreschi Portrait
Dino Pedreschi
Chief Data Scientist at Re-Imagine Europa


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