NODES Journalists Workshop “Understanding Narratives to Depolarise the Public Sphere”

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Start date: 18/03/2024
End date: 18/03/2024
Where: Online

This special NODES workshop will delve into different narratives by following fictional characters to set the scene on the main narratives communities on the topic of climate change. In the first part of this workshop, professors Andrzej Nowak and Marcin Napiorkowski will guide the audience to discover the different narratives. They will show how, in some cases, bridges can be built that connect them by identifying common values shared by different narrative communities, thus allowing the public debate to be depolarised and restarted from common ground. In the second part, journalists, fact-checkers, and other practitioners will be invited to ask their questions to the members of the NODES research team in a first-come, first-served fashion.

The workshop will take place at 3:30 PM (CET) on March 18th, 2024


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Polarisation is a key obstacle standing in the way of good climate policies. It is not enough to develop effective, evidence-based solutions. We still need to build understanding and public support for them. To that end, it makes sense to take a better look at the narratives that organize the public debate around climate.

This workshop will look at how narrative methodology can be used to better understand different positions in the climate debate and build communication that reduces polarisation and encourages a fair toolbox of solutions that takes into account different needs, capabilities, interests, and values.

The invitation-only workshop “Understanding Narratives to Depolarise the Public Sphere” will showcase the main findings of the narrative research performed by the Narratives Observatory combatting Disinformation in Europe Systemically (NODES).

The main aim of the NODES research is to build a solid understanding of the connection between narratives and how information spreads in the digital age, with a particular focus on false claims and disinformation. The analysis undertaken by the NODES researchers highlighted that, at least in the European narrative landscape, narratives are built around values and political ideas rather than specific claims or solutions.



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