Workshop – Climate Unfiltered: The Narratives that Shape our World

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Start date: 09/10/2023
End date: 09/10/2023
Where: Brussels





Recognizing the power and influence of narratives in shaping public understanding, the Narratives Observatory combatting Disinformation in Europe Systemically (NODES) was founded earlier this year. Co-funded by the European Commission and led by Re-Imagine Europa, NODES brings together leading institutions such as Agence France-Presse (AFP), the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), PlusValue, Sotrender, Science Feedback, and Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia. The initiative seeks to delve deep into the dynamics of narratives, aiming to discern trends and develop tools that address disinformation effectively.

In the light of the upcoming European Elections and the growing political polarisation around issues relating to climate change, NODES will convene an expert roundtable, co-hosted by MEP Nils Torvalds, to bring together leading thinkers, practitioners, policymakers and experts from institutions, CSOs and NGOs working in the fields of climate change, disinformation and polarisation. The focus will be on providing an analytical overview of the evolution and shifts in climate change narratives, examining their implications and trajectory.




16h00 – Introduction
Erika Stael von Holstein, Chief-Executive of Re-Imagine Europa

16h05 – Welcome Address
Nils Torvalds MEP

16h15 – State-of-the Art
Professor Andrzej Nowak, Chief Narrative Scientist of Re-Imagine Europa
Professor David Chavalarias, Research Director at CNRS and Director of the Complex Systems Institute of Paris IdF.

17h00 – Expert discussion and workshop




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